Weekly Garbage and Yard Waste Service

Weekly garbage and optional yard waste collection is provided to single-family homes as well as 2-4 unit housing structures by Republic Services, under contract with Kalamazoo Township, which lowers costs while maintaining service quality and reduced traffic and wear on our roads.

Common Questions about Garbage Service:

How do I start garbage or yard waste service?
To start service, please call Republic Service customer service at (888) 249-5112 or your local Republic Services Account Representative at (269) 216-8000.

What day will my garbage be picked up?
Republic Services will inform you your of pick up day. (Garbage, yard waste and recycling may be on different days of the week.)

What if I take my trash to my work or share a cart with a neighbor, do I have to get a cart?
No, if you don’t produce much trash good for you. You can share a cart with a neighbor or if you are allowed to take your trash to your place of business you can do that.

What are the 2021 rates for pick up?
(Click here for rates from 2021 to April 2026)

  • Medium-size garbage cart (65) gallons: $27.53/quarter or $110.12/year
    This default size is a poplar, flexible sized option
  • Large-size garbage cart (95 gallons: $27.94/quarter  or $111.36/year 
  • A yard waste cart (95 gallon), if elected, costs $105.00 per season (April through November)


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